Metal Coating

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  • Berger Zinc Chromate Red Oxide Primer

    Berger Red Oxide Primer is formulated for interior and exterior use on ferrous metal and is not usually suitable for galvanized or nonferrous metals like aluminium, copper or brass. Ferrous metals contain iron. To confirm if your metal is ferrous or nonferrous, test it using a magnet.

  • Cleaner for Glass and Plastics

    cleaning agent made of tensides, auxiliary agents, scents and alcohol, free of acids, lyes and phosphoric substances, biodegradable Fast drying cleaner for the daily and easy removal of light dirtying like e.g. slight films of oil and grease, street dirt on surfaces made of glass and plastics.

  • Epidec Epoxy

    Epidec Epoxy is an anti-corrosive coating for varied industrial application. It is a versatile air drying two pack epoxy system that ensures great finish and lasting protection to your industrial structures and components.

  • ICI Dulux Red Oxide Metal Primer

    ICI Dulux Red Oxide Anti-Corrosion/Rustproof Metal Primer is a solvent-based sealer for exterior and interior metal work.Apply one coat of ICI Dulux Red Oxide Primer and leave for 16 hours.

  • MetalCoat

    MRF MetalCoat is a multipurpose 100% aliphatic polyurethane finish for protection and durability. MetalCoat is available in a wide range of shades for application on metal surfaces and is ideal for grills, metal furniture, machinery components/body, bus bodies, steel structures, chemical plants and brass/bronze wares.

    This coating is available in Clear, Glossy, Metallic and Matt finishes.

  • Misc Epoxy & Other Coatings

    The primary concerns of all Industrial Establishments are the devastating effects of corrosion that consumes all their metal assets. Corrosion is a natural phenomenon that is brought about by moisture, humidity, rains, saline conditions, chemical inhibitions etc.,