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  • Dulux Exterior Acrylic Primer

    Dulux Exterior Acrylic Primer is a high-quality primer for external plaster surface to improve adhesion between the wall and topcoat material.

  • Dulux Quick Drying Primer

    Dulux Quick Drying Primer is a premium quality water based primer for application on wood and metal surfaces. It is a eco-friendly water based undercoat with low odour and low VOC. Unlike conventional solvent based primers, it dries quickly and therefore the topcoat can applied on the same day

  • DULUX Water Based Cement Primer

    This is a water based protective primer,suitable for use as wall applications on plastered, masonry, POP, limed or pre-painted the surfaces, Proper application of primer ensures a better finish and durability of the finish coat.

  • Duwel Interior Acrylic Primer

    DUWEL Primer is a high quality water based primer for both external and internal surfaces.
    Its unique Anti-peel formulation ensures superior adhesion for the paint film , thereby, resisting peeling or flaking of the topcoat.
    Easy to apply, this primer also protects against fungal and algal growth giving your home a long lasting and beautiful look.

  • ICI Dulux Red Oxide Metal Primer

    ICI Dulux Red Oxide Anti-Corrosion/Rustproof Metal Primer is a solvent-based sealer for exterior and interior metal work.Apply one coat of ICI Dulux Red Oxide Primer and leave for 16 hours.