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  • A-Zi Cleaner (Hard Water Spot Remover)

  • acro

    Acro Pearl

    Acropearl Luxury Interior Emulsion is a premium quality paint that provides a luxurious, silky finish to interior walls. Its High Tech formulation gives excellent hiding and coverage enhancing the look of any interiors.

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    Acro Silk

    Acrosilk is premium emulsion paint for interiors. It is based on pure acrylic resin with high opacity pigments, effective fungicides and stabilizing chemicals to provide an odourless and hygienic durable coating.

  • acro


    Acroshield is economical water based exterior emulsion paint ideally suited to provide excellent protection in dry & moderately humid climate. Acroshield offers excellent finish without any post curing by sprinkling water.

  • Acrylic wall putty

    Asian Paints Acrylic Wall Putty is a water based putty that enhances the durability as well as look of your paints. It is one of the best products in its segment and provides a very strong and long lasting foundation to the finish on your walls.

  • AquaFresh Cool

    Aquafresh Cool is the simplest way to reduce the heat in your house. This single pack water based acrylic paint prevents heat build-up on the roof by continuously reflecting IR radiations from the sun, back to the atmosphere.

  • AquaFresh Exterior

    A new generation water based Exterior Wall Finish based on PU and incorporating silicone is what you require to withstand the adverse weather conditions of sunlight (UV) and rain.

  • AquaFresh Interior

    The world is changing. The market for environmental friendly products is ramping up rapidly and relentlessly. MRF Corp Ltd. has recognized this trend very early on, and it has positioned itself at the forefront of the new environment.

  • Asian Paints 3 Mangoes

    Asian Paints Aluminium Paint is a heat resistant paint up to 250°C and is based on pure metallic aluminium flakes dispersed in a special synthetic binder.

  • Berger Zinc Chromate Red Oxide Primer

    Berger Red Oxide Primer is formulated for interior and exterior use on ferrous metal and is not usually suitable for galvanized or nonferrous metals like aluminium, copper or brass. Ferrous metals contain iron. To confirm if your metal is ferrous or nonferrous, test it using a magnet.

  • Duco 4L – Shade : White

  • Duco Paint