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  • Fevicol ANR 181

    Fevicol ANR-181 is a single component, gel-viscosity, anaerobic gasketing compound for all types of metal flanges where flexibility and sealing is required.

  • Fevicol ANR 191

    Fevicol ANR 191 is a formulated anaerobic sealant designed to fill the gaps, cracks, hills, and micro porosities by matting a 100% solid content. It forms a high-strength seal between flanges and replaces conventional die cut and preformed gaskets.

  • Fevicol ANR 574

    Fevicol ANR 574 is a specially formulated, thixotropic, fast setting, medium strength, anaerobic flange sealant designed for sealing rigid and semi-rigid metal flanges. It quickly develops low pressure resistance due to its fast curing and instant sealing characteristics.