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  • Fevicol ANR 126

    Fevicol ANR 126 is an anaerobic bearing retaining compound. It is designed to provide holding and retaining power for round and cylindrical parts by providing a 100% solid content.

  • Fevicol ANR 126 TML

    Fevicol ANR 126 is a formulated anaerobic thread locking and retaining compound. It is specially designed to provide holding and retaining power for round and cylindrical parts such as bearings and bushes by providing a 100% solid contact.

  • Fevicol ANR 609

    Fevicol ANR 609 is an anaerobic retaining adhesive with low viscosity for all types of metal cylindrical parts and fasteners where fast fixturing and medium strength is required. It can be used on any metal surface including steel, aluminium, and plated parts without extensive surface preparation other than oil removal.

  • Fevicol ANR 620

    Fevicol ANR 620 is a high viscous, anaerobic retaining adhesive for applications requiring high temperature resistance, up to 200º C. It provides a consistent high strength over a wide temperature range from 50º C to 200º C.

  • Fevicol ANR 638

    Fevicol ANR 638 is a fast curing, high strength, urethane methacrylate base anaerobic formulation. It is designed to bond and retain cylindrical parts such as shafts, gears, and pulleys, where maximum strength is required with higher gap-filling ability. It is also designed for cylindrical parts where consistent clean surface cannot be maintained.

  • Fevicol ANR 641

    Fevicol ANR 641 is a medium strength low viscous, anaerobic formulation designed for retaining of bearings and bushes and similar cylindrical parts. It has a characteristic feature of ease of disassembly with normal hand tools.

  • Fevicol ANR 648

    Fevicol ANR 648 is a fast cure, high strength anaerobic adhesive specially designed for bonding of cylindrical fitting parts. This high strength bearing retaining compound cures very fast and prevents loosening and leakage frooriginal Equipment Manufacturingm shock and vibrations.