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  • Fevicol ANR 142

    Fevicol ANR 142 is a low-viscosity anaerobic formulation. It is designed for sealing as well as hydraulic and refrigeration fitting, joints and coupling. It has mild locking strength which allows brass fittings to be removed without ruining them.

  • Fevicol ANR 171

    Fevicol ANR 171 is a PTFE based anaerobic thixotropic thread sealant. It tolerates realignment and adjustment of fittings during installation. It also prevents loosening and leakage from shock and vibration on fully curing.

  • Fevicol ANR 542

    Fevicol ANR 542 is a formulated anaerobic with low viscosity designed for sealing hydraulic and refrigeration fittings, joints and couplings. Its mild locking strength allows brass fittings to be removed without ruining them.

  • Fevicol ANR 565

    Fevicol ANR 565 is a creamy paste with controlled low strength for thread sealing of all types of metal threaded pipe fittings. It has special lubricating ingredients to provide a consistent lubricity for maximum sealing pressures with normal pipe connections.

  • Fevicol ANR 567

    Fevicol ANR 567 is a medium viscosity, anaerobic thread sealing and locking compound designed for straight and tapered metal threads and fittings, where high-pressure sealing is required, such as pneumatic and hydraulic fittings. The high lubricating properties of this compound prevent galling on stainless steel, aluminium, and all other metal pipe threads and fittings.

  • Fevicol ANR 577

    Fevicol ANR 577 is a high strength fast curing thixotropic, anaerobic formulation designed to provide reliable, instant sealing of metal threaded pipes. It is specially designed to use on stainless steel and other plated pipes eliminating surface activation.